The fashion industry is fluid and it keeps on changing its structure every now and then. With the new trends available in the market every week, it is next to impossible to keep up with the new arrivals and update the wardrobe while keeping up with the day-to-day job. This is why online shopping has gained immense popularity in a very short span of time especially in the field of fashion. is an innovative platform for the fashion buffs where you can find men’s wear, women’s attire, and accessories at a very competitive price. The main aim of our shopping website is to provide high-quality products at affordable price. We have a dedicated team of fashion experts that handpick the clothes and accessories in different categories every week and update them on the website. With KrikKart, you can change the whole persona of your wardrobe in no time!

A brief history

When it comes to running a successful business, it is always better to have collective minds from different fields working on the single project. Under the parent company SBCL Shopping Pvt. Ltd, the team behind has experts from the field of retail, logistics, and finance among other expertise.

There are members who have worked for social welfare for many years. One of the board members has well-established business in the US from last 15 years while the other member is a well-known businessman from Dubai who is running his business successfully from last 4 years and also worked in the field of civil aviation which included private helicopters etc. in India. Apart from the mentioned fields, he also has experience in film production and he has successfully executed many projects in the Indian Bollywood industry.

Why Fashion based e-commerce?

The world of fashion is one of the most challenging fields. The delivery timeline has to quick and to the point along with affordable price tag. It is next to impossible for a start-up to cover all logistics and work in harmony with every department. However, with the expertise of retail, most of the board members have the contacts and ability to handle a wonderfully structured e-commerce business based on the fashion industry. has joined hands with designers from different fields like ethnic, western, modern etc. to ensure that the collection on the website serves every need of the visitor. To make sure our product reaches any destination in prescribed time, we have formed an association with multiple courier services that deal in different areas.

No to price war believes in providing the best products at affordable price. We do not believe in a price war with the other ventures. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure quality and not quantity. Though we have a well-established customer care and return policy, we believe that no customer should face the problem with the product.

Quick and reliable delivery

It is a very common occurrence that you come across an event, family function or business meeting at a short notice. To make sure you do not have a problem in getting your hands on the best attire, we have “Fast Delivery” service with very nominal charges that ensure 1 or 2-day delivery depending on the location. has been established to raise the standards of e-commerce websites in India. We believe in quality at an affordable price and our regularly updated collection will entice you to the website for a lifetime.